Kara Vernon

Kara Vernon – Caregiver, Advisor, and Mentor

As one of Dorothy’s most memorable friends and caregivers, Kara Vernon is a special person to CIP’s team. Kara is a Northern Michigan University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in management of health and fitness with a minor in dance. During her tenure as a student at NMU, Kara became an in-home caregiver. She uses her years of experience as both a student and a caregiver to advise and mentor new caregivers entering the field. Kara and Dorothy met through a dance workshop at NMU. Without thinking that anything further would come from the dance workshop, Kara and Dorothy connected on a deeper level and she became one of Dorothy’s first caregivers. Kara has a background as a Physical Therapy Technician where she assisted with exercises, documented improvements, and set up equipment. She also is a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness where she develops exercise programs and teaches equipment technique. If you are a student contemplating becoming a caregiver, feel free to contact Kara at kara.vernon@the-cip.com