Invent@NMU  |  Strategic Partner

Invent@NMU continues its partnership with CIP to aid in marketing efforts to push forward the nonprofit’s overall mission. Invent@NMU is the idea incubator® based at Northern Michigan University, powered by students, and led by professionals. From products to small businesses, the program offers a variety of innovative and entrepreneurial support to campus and community members across the Upper Peninsula. The student and professional team at Invent@NMU is thrilled to be part of the CIP team, sharing their expertise, unique skill-set, and continued guidance.

Kylie Bunting

Marketing Manager, Innovate Marquette SmartZone & Invent@NMU

Kylie Bunting, a Marquette native, graduated from Northern Michigan University in 2011 with a degree in Public Relations and Communications. Upon graduation, she moved to Chicago to pursue a career in public relations for the hospitality industry. Over the span of eight years, she worked with well-known Chicagoland restaurants, hotels, breweries, and nonprofits on extensive public relations and social media campaigns.

In 2018 Bunting and her husband, Lee, decided to move back to Marquette, and she became the Marketing Manager for Innovate Marquette SmartZone and Invent@NMU. She is responsible for the marketing efforts to promote economic development in Marquette County — handling the social media, event planning, public relations, digital media, and more for the two organizations. With an extensive background in the industry, Bunting brings her nearly ten years of experience to the Caregiver Incentive Project, advising on marketing and communications campaigns to benefit the nonprofit.

Olivia Ruuska

Marketing Assistant at Invent@NMU

As an employee of Invent@NMU, Olivia Ruuska continues to assist Caregiver Incentive Project with marketing efforts. Olivia is a marketing student at Northern Michigan University who has been applying her knowledge from the classroom to benefit CIP. She assists in the creation of newsletters, event promotion, and other marketing tasks. Olivia has experience managing social media accounts, websites, and photography for several businesses. As part of her position at Invent@NMU, she has expanded her knowledge of writing press releases and media alerts for CIP’s launch event and will continue to do so for future happenings.