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The CIP Caregiver Academy is designed to train you in the basic skills needed to be an in-home caregiver!

November 5th – 5pm-9pm
November 6th – 9am-1pm
November 7th – 2pm-6pm
Free Event


There is a national shortage of in-home caregivers. While there are programs at the national, state, and local levels to facilitate the placement of caregivers in the homes of those in need, there aren’t effective programs to retain existing caregivers or create new caregivers.. This is where the Caregiver Incentive Project comes in!

Currently there just aren’t enough people entering into the job. There is no career path, training or accreditation for in-home caregivers. There are misperceptions about the job, like it’s a family responsibility or it can be considered “elderly babysitting”. The work shifts can be very unstable and the pay is low, with a national median pay of $10.93 per hour (BLS 2018).


Our Mission is to educate the public regarding this crisis, provide financial incentives in the way of scholarships and/or stipends, and provide training for new caregivers. We believe this will encourage individuals to become in-home caregivers. We are working closely with established agencies that serve disabled individuals, the elderly, medically fragile individuals, and others requiring in-home care.


Our Focus is to reach out to increase the number of in-home care givers regardless of academic or career experience. Our intent is to increase the number of in-home caregivers by providing cost free training and incentivizing individuals to work in this field by providing scholarships, grants, stipends, and potential student debt repayment matching funds. Our initial effort is to work with high schools, colleges and universities to establish intern programs for students regardless of their chosen program of study. The internship placement will further enhance programs of study in fields such as, but not limited to, medical, social work, education, and clergy by providing “real life” experiences prior to entering those career fields. The program will provide cost free training for working as an in-home caregiver and incentives in the form of grants and scholarships based on the amount of time an individual works as an in-home caregiver. College students choosing to use their earnings to pay off their student debt may also qualify, upon application, to receive matching funds to be used toward their student debt.



We are raising money for scholarships, stipends, and training programs. Every penny helps.


Being a caregiver is one of the most rewarding jobs a person can have. Contact us for more info.


Caregiver Incentive Project can always use your help to spread the word about our cause.



Educate the public and raise awareness of this national crisis and the effect on us all.

  • Why the shortage.
  • What can the public do to be part of the fix.
  • What CIP is doing to be part of the fix.


Establish a higher standard of training and certification for entry level in-home caregivers.

  • Establishing a career path for those that spend their lives as in-home caregivers.
  • Set a standard of ethical behavior expected from caregivers.
  • Provide the training at no cost to paid and family caregivers.
  • Provide the certification of training.


Establish a higher standard of training and certification for entry level in-home caregivers.

Work with high schools, colleges and universities so they can be part of the fix by:

  • Informing their faculty, employees, and student body about this crisis.
  • Encourage everyone’s participation in solving this crisis.
  • Establish incentives for student participation in being part of the solution.
  • Provide scholarships to college students who enter into the job as an in-home caregiver. *
  • Provide grants in the form of matching funds paid on students’ debts for students and graduates who enter into the job as an in-home caregiver and who use their earnings to pay on their student debt. *
  • Work with retired individuals from professions such as nurses, teachers, social workers, etc. to find ways for them to help end this crisis.
  • Coordinate placement of new caregivers with established agencies to help ensure a successful first experience for new caregivers.



As part of the Moving Mountains Adaptive Program – a non-profit organization in the Upper Peninsula dedicated to providing winter outdoor recreation instruction to those with disabilities — Paad’s inspiring story was represented by a short film commissioned by the organization.


The Caregiver Incentive Project is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Charity. 100% of your donation goes to putting an end to the national shortage of qualified in-home caregivers in your area. If the national shortage of qualified in-home caregivers is not resolved, it will affect us all.

Meet the Team!

Board of Directors

Eric Paad

Eric grew up on a dairy farm in Northeastern Michigan. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Professional Aeronautics and a minor in Aviation Business Management from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Eric served in the U. S. Air Force for 22 years and was awarded the U.S. Air Force...

Kaylee Quertermus

I am SO excited to be a part of the CAREGIVER INCENTIVE PROJECT. Michigan made, raised in Portage, but just recently moved back to the mainland, from the smallest island in Hawaii. I grew up with a passion for people, and a heart for helping. I studied...

Angela Hentkowski

Angela Hentkowski is a native of Ishpeming. She holds a Juris Doctorate, as wells as a Masters of Law degree in Taxation and Master of Law degree in Elder Law. She is a Certified Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation (as accredited by the American Bar Association). Angela practices...

Ellen Rapp

Ellen Rapp serves on CIP’s Board of Directors. She graduated from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Social Work degree in May 2020. Ellen is now a graduate student at Grand Valley State University pursuing her MSW. In her most recent position, Ellen has been working as a Supervised Parenting/Exchange Monitor...


Dorothy Paad

The inspiration for the Caregiver Incentive Project, Dorothy Paad, joins the CIP team as spokeswoman. Dorothy has completed three years as a student at Northern Michigan University on a modified program. She has appeared in two university productions of Scrooge, taken ballet and jazz classes, and has been a member of..

Kylie Bunting

Kylie Bunting, a Marquette native, is the Digital Engagement Architect of Alumni Relations at Northern Michigan University. She supports the expanding and improving alumni engagement and fundraising strategic initiatives, executing an alumni-centric digital engagement plan inclusive of social media, e-newsletters, web, giving platforms, media relations, and more...


Rachel Mitchell

"I am excited to be serving as the Student Activity Coordinator for the Caregiver Incentive Project. I am partnering with fellow volunteer Abby Poss to create a student group that aims to support and inspire students that are both caregivers and cared for. Becoming a part of the CIP family has been such an incredible experience and I can't wait to see what this amazing team of like-minded and passionate...

Addie Sanders

Addie heard about our mission through her physical therapy treatments with Dorothy. Her passion for providing the best care for her patients motivated her to join our CIP team to contribute to the solution for the caregiver shortage. Addie is a native of St. Clair, Michigan and received both her Bachelor of Science...

Erik Bergh

Erik Bergh has joined the CIP team, serving as Program Director. A native of Marquette, Erik grew up in downstate Michigan and returned to receive his education degree from NMU. He served as a teacher, coach, and school administrator in an education career that spanned 34 years. After retiring in...

Patrick Cathcart

Hi, my name is Patrick Cathcart. I started working with Caregiver Incentive Project almost two years ago setting up their logo, website, promotional material, social media management and photography at fundraisers and other events. I have enjoyed watching the support that CIP has received throughout the community...

Mary Franczek MSN, RN, HTP

Mary has been a registered nurse for forty-one years. She currently is an Associate Professor of Nursing at Northern Michigan University, teaching in the foundations and holistic health assessment courses. Her passion...


Sarah R.W. Shell

For the past sixteen years, Sarah has worked as a clinical social worker with fourteen years in the medical setting. Eleven of those years have been at Michigan Medicine in Children and Women Services. She holds a Master of Social Work degree from Wayne State University. She has...

Kara Vernon

As one of Dorothy’s most memorable friends and caregivers, Kara Vernon is a special person to CIP’s team. Kara is a Northern Michigan University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in management of health and fitness with a minor in dance. During her tenure as a student at NMU...

Claudia Werner

Claudia’s professional career spans a period of thirty-four years, twenty of which were spent in educational administration. She served as a teacher of special education, a K-12 special education consultant, a director of special education, a federal projects director, an assistant high school principal, and principal of a large Class A...

“Throughout this experience there were many unexpected and lasting benefits. Things I have learned that I can utilize the rest of my life in social and work atmospheres.”




The Caregiver Incentive Project is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Charity. 100% of your donation goes to putting an end to the national shortage of qualified in-home caregivers in your area. If the national shortage of qualified in-home caregivers is not resolved, it will affect us all.

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